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This one’s for you, Apple developers.

Meet “Shelf”. Starting at 99 cents (v0.1), it’s a nice utility that we’re sure every Apple developer out there will find indispensable. If you work with any of Apple’s platforms (or know somebody who does), you should definitely check it out on the Mac App Store!

Tipbox was featured in this month’s edition of Stuff magazine Middle East. Thanks, @tshams!

Tipbox was featured in this month’s edition of Stuff magazine Middle East. Thanks, @tshams!

DNS Issues

Our DNS provider seems to be having issues right now, so don’t worry if nothing in Tipbox (or for that matter) loads. Should be fixed soon…hopefully!

Sorry for the long gap of silence! It’s the end of the semester now, and we’ve got finals coming up. Juggling code and lecture notes. Work on #Tipbox is ongoing! It’s getting closer and closer to completion every day.

The Detour: Turning Scapehouse into a software brand.

We started Scapehouse as a hobby some 2 years ago, and it has been around for quite some time now. We had seen a pretty noticeable gap between open model networks like Twitter, and closed model networks like Facebook, so we decided to fill that gap with something because I had always wanted to use Twitter but never really understood it and had always wished to really post stuff openly on Facebook for everyone to see but could not do so because I was limited to my social circle and friends.

The finished product allowed a user to befriend a person if he knows them or simply follow their public posts. Each post had an organized conversation structure. The Living Room allowed new users to find interesting content quickly and kept existing users entertained. Users loved the ability to publish long articles, dislike posts, comment on replies and reply with a photo.

The project won us 1st place in an IT competition held at UAE University and got us featured in a popular magazine. Unfortunately, by the time the product saw the light of day, Google launched their new social network Google+ with a slightly similar concept. It was a hefty blow, but we kept on moving forward with our concept and idea. The ultimate deal breaker was when Facebook retaliated against Google+ and introduced the exact same friend/follow functionality which was the backbone of Scapehouse. Not only that, they also virtually removed the limit on the size of the posts.

With all eyes on Facebook, we knew our current concept was headed for a brick wall. After seeing the progress of Scapehouse grind to a halt due to the sudden turn of events, we decided to turn Scapehouse into a brand name under which we can distribute quality software based on great ideas that we keep getting every now and then instead of being bound to a single huge site which limits the variety of ideas. The first of those great ideas is an iPhone app called “Tipbox”.

By @akay_64

New #Tipbox icon!

New #Tipbox icon!

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